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I designed this personalised wedding invitation when Natasha and I married last year.
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15 January 2012
A Brief History of Time
wrote my first blog entry in the autumn of 2004. Having then left home and everything I knew, I was eager to document my new experiences and share the upcoming adventures that I was to live abroad. Among them was a photographic sabbatical in Mauritius, obligatory after-work pints of ale in London, learning a different way of life in Paris, and the general touring of the old world with a large backpack, dear friends and my now wife Natasha. It was to be an existence most free, some of the best years of my life, and it provided me with the necessary motivation to write up proud stories of travel and opinionated drivel on a regular basis. I did this for quite some time.

The late summer of 2009 saw my return back to the sunny shores of Sydney. And instead of continuing with the whole blog thing, lazyness took over and I soon became distracted with more pressing matters such as buying an apartment, getting married and playing much Xbox (Modern Warfare 2 and Red Dead Redemption were on the menu). As a consequence I left my website in a pitiful sate of neglect for 2 long years.

Forward to the present and with it came a renewed desire to get my blog (along with the rest of my website) up and running again. Truth be told, being a web designer one needs to keep abreast of the technology that powers it. Maintaining a weblog with all the latest bells and whistles from the Interweb is one way to do so. Plus, I just missed having one - being able to write about and reflect upon the things around me. Everybody likes to tell stories, even boring ones.

So now with the proverbial cobwebs swept away, this entry marks my return to bad-ass bloggin'. I hope to have a few more interesting things to say this time around. All I know is that I'll try to keep the spelling errors down to a minimum.
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Martin 00-15 accoustic guitar
Tonally deep and simplistically beautiful - I must have this!
Spalding TF1000 ZK Pro Basketball
I wouldn't mind getting a decent indoor ball
Apple iPad 2 16GB
I'd only use it for couch web sufing
Big trip to Europe at year end!
It's been way too long...
Stay injury free in 2012
I'll stretch more before basketball from now on
Get my wisdom teeth out
Only the right side as I'd still like to be able to eat
Go snowboarding in August
Cause you gotta go at least once a year
Learn how to make Briyani
Every Mauritian needs to know how to make this
Setup an outdoor cooking station
Indoor Chinese cooking gets way too oily at times
Learn how to play Heartbeats
This is a very cool acoustic track
The Art of Travel
Pretty interesting so far. He has some great theories in terms of why we travel and why we should not.
Modern Warfare 3
I've been off computer games lately so I've just been playing MW3 casually. I love the PP90M1.
Masterchef: The Professionals (UK)
It took a while to get into the clinical format and dry style of presentation, but it's an awesome program with a lot of nuance.
Popo Bambous
My grandmother in Mauritius likes her chickens. She had this to say about them: "I look after them like they were my own children. After 3 months they'll be big enough so that I can kill them to eat."
Avec un bon état d'esprit, une clarté libre d'avis toxiques, on peut passer les meilleurs moments de notre vie en faissant des choses les plus banales, les plus quelconques, comme passer l'aspirateur dans l'après-midi d'un samedi d'été.